Arctic Valor Slot Review

Arctic Valor Slot Review: Medium Volatility, RTP 96.7%

Do you need this Arctic Valor slot review before playing that game? Well, it is a slot machine that comes from Crazy Tooth Studio and is exclusive to Microgaming. 

It strives to provide an entertaining experience, and it partially succeeded due to its 6 reels and several ways to win. It also fails in other areas, but we’ll get to that later.

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Best Arctic Valor Slot Review

Arctic Valor is a 6-reel slot machine that offers a total of 4,096 chances to win, with four symbols in each column. 

The potential payouts look good, with the top prize reaching $90,195, but there was an opportunity for more in a slot with so many possibilities to win. The game has the usual wilds, scatters, and free spins, as well as a random bonus called Icicle.

1. Wagering Options

Every round will cost you anywhere from $0.15 to $150, implying that each virtual bet line will cost you up to $10. You don’t get 15 lines; it’s only a means for the betting system to cover 4,096 different ways to win.

The rewards you’ll receive are rather modest, reaching a maximum value of $100 each combo (10x your bet per line). Although the prize is small, the symbols are stacked and pay out numerous times, so winnings can build up quickly. The slot’s jackpot will never exceed $90,195, which equates to about 6,013x the bet.

Other important factors to consider are the 96.7% RTP, which is actually a good rate for a slot machine. The volatility appears to be medium, which means it pays out frequently and can provide reasonable payouts, though nothing spectacular.

2. Slot Features

This section could’ve been more intriguing now that we’re going into the slot’s features. Stack symbols and regular features are the most common, yet they have a greater impact on the game because there are so many ways to win.

The wild will be one of the featured symbols, and it will be used to produce a variety of regular combinations. It’s not a scatter substitute, but in this system with multiple ways to win, it can be really beneficial.

The second feature is the bonus round, which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols show on the screen at the same moment. It’s the standard way to collect it, and the game will reward you with 7 free spins in exchange. Every spin here will give you access to the Icicle feature.

The Icicle feature will be activated at random in paid spins and will be assured for all free spins. Icicles fall from above and can be stacked up to three high on the reels. You can obtain wilds or cash prizes by clicking on the icicles.

3. Game Design

The combination of fantasy female warriors and ice is there in Arctic Valor, and it’s not something you’ll find anywhere else. 

Beautiful female warriors wield swords, bows and arrows, or shields, and those weapons may also be found in some of the symbols. They chose snowflakes with a fantastical sense, colored in red, purple, or blue, for the lower icons.

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Final Results

In conclusion of situs judi online slot about Arctic Valor slot review, it has a lot to offer, and the high RTP, as well as the 60,13x stake jackpot, make it appealing. We didn’t like the low individual payouts or the feature section’s lack of creativity.

Last but not least, let us give you some suggestions on three of the must-try slot for us. They are Crazy Farm RaceDubya Fruit Machine, and Bees Buzz slot machines. Read the review first and don’t forget to bet wisely.

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