King of Kings Slot

King of Kings Slot Overview: Paylines, Number of Reels & Max Win Possibility

King of Kings Slot Overview. Ah, those venerable “Book” slots—we can not get enough of them. Actually, the developers are unable to. King of Kings won’t convert everyone who dislikes the genre, so if that describes you, you should probably find something else to do.

Really nothing stands out at first glance, perhaps with the exception of the frameless reels. You receive the standard 3 rows and 5 reels. As opposed to the Novomatic and Play’n GO versions, the paylines have been reduced by half, to just 5. Strange strategy, we must say.

We notice visual similarities to Book of Gods (Big Time Gaming). You’ll find dunes and an impressive pyramid in the background of this open-air temple slot, which is surrounded on all sides of the reels by statues of Horus. The standard symbol set consists of a total of 9 symbols. You’ll see less valued blue, green, yellow, orange, and red scarab stones as you spin the reels along with more expensive Egyptian deities.

They are Bastet, the cat goddess, Anubis, the representation of rebirth, and Horus, the guardian of the Egyptian pharaoh, in that order of importance. The top standard symbol, though, is a cartoon-style representation of Tutankhamun, which pays out 200 times your bet when five of these appear on a payline.

The golden Ankh serves as both the wild and scatter symbols on the game’s reels, and when 2, 3, or 4 or 5 of them appear in a payline, you’ll win 2, 20, 200, or 1000 times your wager, accordingly.

King of Kings Slot: Featured

Even in its Novomatic and Play’n GO brothers, the main game has a feature called the Bonus Symbol Respin feature that can be used to your advantage. If you miss the third scatter, it might (or might not) enter the picture.

It functions essentially in the same way as the bonus: you are awarded 1 free spin with a randomly selected expanding symbol, giving you the opportunity to win up to 1000 times your total stake in the main game if Tutankhamun appears on the entire screen.

The Free Spins bonus, which you may access if you land three or more wild scatter symbols on any of the reels, is where the game’s most intriguing twist can be found. The initial 10 spins have been expanded to 6 reels in the reel area. Other than that, it functions exactly like the Re-Spin feature.

When you land three low-value symbols or two premium symbols, respectively, one sign is revealed as your special bonus symbol and expands to completely fill the reels. The potential has expanded to 5000 times your investment every spin with 6 reels in use. However, the simulated maximum win is much larger than that, and wins of over 10,000x have been recorded, according to a fact sheet from Relax Gaming.

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King of Kings Slot: Verdict

Don’t anticipate a complex and beautifully magical story from King of Kings Slot. Despite the twist, it still feels like your standard one-dimensional “book” slot at its core and falls short of offering a truly original interpretation of the idea. 

When it all comes down to the usual potential, we also have to add that the sixth reel is as useless as a dead camel in the desert. If you want to play other games, DEPOBET88 is a trusted judi bola online site.

In other words, it only exists to give the impression of advantage and value, much like when slot machine designers give you 4 rows instead of the customary 3 but only allow you to use 20 paylines.

The Re-Spin feature is okay, but it likely had to be sacrificed for another feature, such as a reduction in bonus frequency or an increase in the number of dead spins between Re-Spins. It might possibly provide an explanation for the few paylines. In any event, it’s not a particularly necessary feature.

There is a reason why the book idea has been tried and true for years and is so wildly popular. A good slot is King of Kings Slot. In actuality, it’s a respectable effort. However, all it really accomplishes for us is serve as a reminder to play Book of Dead/Ra next.