Legend of The Ice Dragon Slot Review

Legend of The Ice Dragon Slot Review High Volatile (Play’n GO)

If you are looking for the Legend of The Ice Dragon slot review, find it here! Dragons in popular culture are nothing new, but the elusive ice dragon is one of the less well-known species of the dragon family. Novels are perhaps your greatest option for seeing one of these enigmatic creatures. 

Examples include The Ice Dragon from The Saga of Noggin the Nog, and who can forget the nearly unpronounceable White Frost Dragon Ingeloakastimizilian from the classic Icewind Dale Trilogy, which was defeated by Wulfgar and Drizzt Do’Urden. 

Legend of the Ice Dragon, a cluster paying grid slot developed on the back of a previous game titled Wild Frames, allows players to grapple with one of these deadly serpents according to Swedish developer Play’n GO.

A Brief of Legend of The Ice Dragon Slot Review

From the purple-colored Gentleman’s Club of Wild Frames to the wind-swept frozen wastelands of Legend of the Ice Dragon, Play’n GO has gone a long way. Is Play’n GO pushing this one towards Asian gamblers? 

Perhaps, given the presence of an almost conventional Chinese-looking dragon chilling next to the 7×7 gaming grid on the right-hand side of the screen. The Ice Crystal Charger is on the other side, and the background varies between a pastel-colored day and a Borealis lighted phase.

Return to Player and Volatility

Legend of the Ice Dragon deviates from Wild Frames mathematically, but not in a way that will be obvious most of the time. Although the default return value of 96.29% isn’t strictly a show-stopper, both potential and RTP have fallen, which may not be the best news. 

Always double-check the version you’re about to play because it could be at a lower percentage, like 94.28% or less. 

Volatility has been reduced to an 8 out of 10 rating, which is still considered strong by Play’n GO’s standards. Any device can be used to play Legend of the Ice Dragon, with stakes ranging from 20p to £/€100 each spin.

Paying Symbols

When five or more matching symbols hit adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically in a cluster payouts system, the player wins. 

Low-pay clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds are found first, followed by high-pay green, blue, and purple crystals, and finally a rare red eye icon. The largest clusters have 30 or more identical symbols, with premium variants worth 75 to 500 times the bet.

Gameplay (Game Features)

There isn’t a separate bonus game in Legend of the Ice Dragon, but there are a slew of extras like cascades, Freezing features, Ice Frames, and Ice Crystal features.

1. Cascades

When winning clusters hit, they are removed from the grid, and new symbols are dropped to fill in the gaps. Cascades can lead to a series of wins in a row, which can continue until no more clusters are formed.

2. Ice Frames

Every time the horned ‘W’ symbol lands, it makes sticky Ice Frames. When a wild lands in an existent Ice Frame, it adds a multiplier that rises by +1 every time it lands, up to a maximum of x8. For each winning cluster, only the highest multiplier is applied. 

When a new spin begins, the ice frames remain on the grid for the duration of the cascade sequence. The important thing to remember is that Ice Frame Multipliers stay inactive until the Dragon Blast feature is activated – more on that later.

3. Freezing Features

There’s a risk that Freezing features will appear on any non-winning spin.

4. Ice Crystal Features

When a particular number of winning symbols are gathered, the Ice Crystal Charger fills up, triggering Ice Crystal features. Tail Lash, Ice Scorch, Destruction, and Dragon Blast are activated by 20, 40, 60, or 80 charges, respectively.

Overcharging the Ice Crystal Charger is also potential. +2 extra Ice Frames are added to the grid for every 10 charges over 80.

Source : Slot 88


Which would you choose if you had to choose between this and Wild Frames for some cluster-paying grid slot action? Each has advantages and disadvantages, check this game at pokergalaxy for more detail.

The subject matter is definitely different, and a few technological features further separate the two games, therefore this game cannot be charged with being an outright clone. 

In the end of this Legend of The Ice Dragon slot review, in comparison to Wild Frames’ fruit/Vegas experience, provides a more exotic interaction. Some gamers, on the other hand, may prefer tradition to fantasy.

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